Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Why put up with damaged alloy wheels. This service will bring them back to pristine condition while your car is being repaired. Make sure that your vehicle reaches is maximum second hand value when the time comes for you to sell it.
From £40

Paint-less Dent Removal

Take out those tiny dings and dents without having to have the vehicle painted, saving both time and money as well as increasing the residual value of the vehicle.
From £20

Tyre sales and fitting

Statistics show that almost half of all car accidents are caused when a car skids - tyres are your vital link with the road and it pays to have the best fitted by professional, qualified tyre-technicians.
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The MOT is a legal requirment that looks at the important items on your car at the time of test. Our team of skilled mechanics can prepare your car for an MOT ensuring the car is ready for the test, as well as rectifying any faults that may be found during the test.
From £55

Additional Repairs

So many vehicles have additional damage, so why not have it all done at the same time as the accident repair. It saves all parties significant amounts of money, and is particularly useful where lease vehicles have to be returned in pristine condition, otherwise penalties may occur.
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Steam Clean Full Valet

Having your vehicle properly cleaned is a real bonus and a full vehicle valet is over and above the wash and vac that an insurer might pay for. Additionally, you can bring back to life that lack-lustre paint with a full mop and polish, especially as your new paintwork could make your old bodywork look very dull.
From £20


We are offering great discounts on our car servicing - you can save up to 50% on main dealer service prices, even though our services are the same, and in many cases even more thorough than that of a dealership. Please ask our reception for more details.
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4 Wheel Alignment

Incorrect wheel alignment can cause rapid wear along the inside or outside edges of tyres. If you strike a kerb or pot hole, the delicate settings of the steering geometry can be misaligned, along with the steering - wheels should be re-aligned every 3 months, or 3000 miles.
From £35

Parking Sensors

Make parking in tight spaces so much easier by having parking sensors fitted. Our technicians can fit the sensors while you vehicle is in our care, for rear, front, and some quarter panels. Please ask our reception for more details.
From £55

Air Conditioning Top Ups

Air conditioning systems leak. Typically after 2 years, a recharge is necessary to ensure effectiveness. Having a re-charge while your car is in for repair is a cost effective solution ensuring you never get hot under the collar while driving.
From £45

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